Blanco Diablo "Attack The Fire" album review
Third album of Blanco Diablo, a band enrolled in more traditional hard rock with stoner edges and many similarities with bands like Monster Magnet and Jackyl, but a touch of AC/DC. The band, formed almost 10 years ago, consists of Jamie Ray on vocals and guitar, Patrick Jason on bass, and drummer Brad Snipes. The twelve songs are simple but melodically gancheros tight and usually at a good pace, with well-crafted verses and choruses, and riffs without being abutments fulfill their mission. But it does not end there, but "No more promises" and "Monsters" the band accelerates its march towards some heavy metal almost classic, while "Hot July damnation", "Combination", "Trouble walkin ' "and" Pretty in pieces "(HITAZO!), is the finest hard rock shows, simple but effective, with guitars to the front in the style of bands like Black Label Society. According to the influences mentioned above, the inevitable ballad southern dye comes from the hand of "Season in Hell", which is perhaps the only low point of the disc. Ray, his voice worn similar to Dave Wyndorf, is largely responsible for granting each its own identity issues, since her singing varies constantly, but knowing its limitations. Musically, the trio has no cracks, but also performances abutments, as all they own a remarkable performance, which obviously a lot of work behind. The album, though not too far from imposing style corset is a very interesting example of a band that, judging by what has been done here, has a promising future. Noblesse oblige, White Devil also sent us their previous album, "Killing Kings" (2009), with which it is possible to see the evolution (positive) of this fantastic band.
Javier Salaverry (Rocka Rolla Web zine)

Slid over to Richmond's once again for North Carolina hard-rockers Blanco Diablo. This band is loud with a borderline ferocity that threatened to blow the lid off the joint. Digging this band in this size joint was like watching a Panzer park in a phone booth. I'd seen the trio once before and it seems like it has moved in a slightly more metal direction, at least in its guitar attack. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.
Frank DeBlase (City Newspaper, 98.9 The Buzz Sunday Night Shakedown)

Hard Rock Nights Under Further Review - Blanco Diablo "Attack The Fire"

There's a moment as this album kicks off with the lusciously hard-rocking "No More Promises" when I could swear I'm listening to a younger, and slightly less demonically drug-addled, version of Ozzy singing, and I do mean that as a sincere compliment. I'm a sucker for good vocals, and Blanco Diablo's front-man Jamie Ray's voice adds some definite appeal to this album. Good as that Ozzy-vibe is though, it's just the hook that pulls me in, because this three-piece from Charlotte, North Carolina has a hell of a lot more going for it than that on "Attack The Fire".

There's Ray's scintillating guitar-work for one, and the impressive chops of the rest of the band as well: Patrick Jason on bass gives the music a dark lustre and heavy bones, while Brad Snipes simply kicks ass on drums. Combined, these three guys wield a lot of energy, and put some serious weight into their sound.

Blanco Diablo adds so many layers of rock'n'roll goodness to the tunes here, that I find new things to savor with every new listen, and this album does bring me back for extra helpings. As for influences and "what's it sound like?", think Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, AC/DC, T Rex… and that's just some of the musical blood running through the veins of this album, blending the 1980's and 1970's into something hard-hitting, original, and flushed with musical power.

The first three tracks "No More Promises", "All I Know", and "Combination" are all great examples of this, showcasing Ray's terrific vocals, a heavy rocking attitude, great guitar-riffs, and a rhythm section that knows its rock'n'roll business. "Monsters" changes things up with an edgier feel, and the horror-themed lyrics supply some nice nightmare scenery.

But wait, there's more! More than enough to feed my rock'n'roll cravings. "Trouble Walkin" has a 1970's classic rock vibe and brandishes some beautiful slide-guitar; "Shadows of Angels" is a stellar piece of hard-driving rock with Ray really showing off on guitar; and "Hot July Damnation" has a deep and delicious swing to it, with the bass and guitar riffs twisting together just right.

The band slows down for "Season In Hell", while still keeping things hot and heavy, and "Pretty In Pieces" rocks out with a full frontal assault intro, rib-shaking riffs, and the drums roughing things up as well. The band does not let up, finishing the album with party-rocker "Locked And Loaded", a tune that sounds like it'd be the perfect way to get any good night started; and "Walk On", a mid-tempo track with that Ozzy vibe bristling through again.

Blanco Diablo is a three-man crew of bona-fide, skilled rock'n'rollers that play - to quote the band itself - "snarling firepiss rock'n'roll" (I won't argue with that!). My very first thought after listening to this album was that I'd love to see these guys live. So, Blanco Diablo, please hit up Vancouver ASAP! As for the album, all I can say is this: get some, and get some now.

Maria Haskins (Hard Rock Nights "Under Further Review")

Kevin Murphy
Big Rock, Great Beats and Big Guitars. I Dig it!!!
Kevin Murphy (drummer from 2 time Grammy nominated rock band Tonic)

Blanco Diablo "Attack The Fire" review

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 3 piece blues rock band Blanco Diablo have penned 12 hard hitting numbers on their 3rd full length studio album Attack The Fire and when you have the legendary producer Chris Tsangarides in the driving seat then you can do no wrong! Attack The Fire was released on September 10th 2012 on Dark Lord Records and Sony/ATV publishing. There are no stand out tracks on the album but more importantly, there are no fillers! Each one has its own identity and any fans of hard rock with a touch of blues and a commercial edge with searing guitar licks and solos then Attack The Fire needs to be in your music collection.

Opening track No More Promises kicks in with a riff similar to Love Grenade era Ted Nugent over a vocal like a lower ranged Ozzy with a fret burning guitar solo from Jamie Ray midway. Other highlights are the Marc Bolan groove coarsing through All I Know; the monstrous riff that opens Combination as buzzing layered guitars take over; Monsters is another guitar heavy number full of Zakk Wylde style pinch harmonics; the intro to Trouble Walking sounds like the main riff to Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be by AC/DC but the similarities end there as it breaks into a Rolling Stones vibe with a tasty slide guitar solo; another stunning opening riff on Shadows Of Angels gives way to an early Rush style passage midway; Hot July Damnation gives bass player Patrick Jason to shine as his riffs weave in and out of the main riff; Season In Hell is my favourite album track, a slow burning blues number with some serious string bending from Jamie; Locked And Loaded riffs along in the vein of 1980's Scorpions with a huge chorus and Jamie pulls out his finest solo on the album out of the bag and final track Walk On is a fine way to finish with its mid tempo Bark At The Moon era Ozzy groove throughout.

Blanco Diablo are currently on a 6 date headlining US tour with a UK date due at Gigfest in Oswestry between the 26th/28th July 2013. Not to be missed and I for one will be there.

Blanco Diablo band line up:

Jamie Ray - Guitar/vocals
Patrick Jason - Bass guitar/backing vocals
Brad Snipes - Drums

Attack The Fire track listing:
No More Promises
All I Know
Trouble Walkin
No Prophet
Shadows Of Angels
Hot July Damnation
Season In Hell
Pretty In Pieces
Locked And Loaded
Walk On

I award the album 9/10!!!

Dennis Jarman (PlanetMosh.com)

Queen Nation & Blanco Diablo -A Hauntingly Realistic Rock Concert Flashback.

Thanks to the worldwide known tribute band, Queen Nation, and their stellar opening act Blanco Diablo, I was able to fulfill a longtime fantasy of mine of attending a genuine classic rock concert.

Charlotte bred rock group, Blanco Diablo, took the stage with full force to kick off the evening. With a long haired lead, animated bassist, and guitar riffs that radiated through your bones, Blanco Diablo was visually and audibly impressive. I've said before that I've always been a sucker for a guy who can handle his guitar, so naturally, I was in Heaven during their entire set. Delivering highly intensifying anthems like the fresh "Combination", and my personal favorite of the night "Monsters" with its intoxicating bass introduction, Blanco Diablo flawlessly sparked the flames that carried on throughout the entire show, revving everyone up for the debut of the headlining performers still to come.
Mallory Biggerstaff (Shutter 16 Magazine)

Scott Rockenfield
Blanco Diablo is on the cutting edge of new rock music!!! Keep a look out for these guys as they will be on the forefront of popular music soon enough!!!
Scott Rockenfield (drummer, composer, Queensryche, Call of Duty Black Ops)

Jack Douglas
NICE production and playing - You KILL live! Thank you for sharing this cool music with me - I REALLY enjoyed it - very powerful!
Jack Douglas (producer for Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith)

Blanco Diablo is a band to keep an eye on for sure. Straight up hard rock with a promising future.
Eddie Trunk (THAT METAL SHOW - VH1 Classic TV)

Band: Decadenze, Queensbury, Blanco Diablo Venue: The Gasworks Bradford Date: 22nd August 2009 Well here we are again at Bradford's newest Rock venue The Gasworks and once again we're here to check out Decadenze, but before that we had two great bands to look forward to before the main event. First up were North Carolina's finest Blanco Diablo, who really set the bar high with their great riff filled hard rock, very much in the Jackyl vein. Hard driven guitars and a powerful rhythm section were the order of the day as the band opened up their account with 'Nothing At All', and instantly you got the feeling that frontman and guitarist Jamie Ray had been to the Zakk Wylde / Jake E Lee school of guitar playing, as he just tore up the fret board like a demon, whilst bass player Patrick Jason and drummer Brad Snipes pummelled out a monstrous back beat. The incendiary assault continued with 'One Way Ride', 'Nine Lives', 'Sweet Chemical' and one of my favourites of the set 'Shake The Devil', before the inevitable Ozzy cover 'Bark At The Moon', with Ray just fantastic on the six string razor. It was the title track of the bands latest release 'Killing Kings' that was up next, a stunning hard rocker that led nicely into the stomping final track 'Paper Poison Revolution'. A real roof raiser that ended off a great set from a band that I would highly recommend you check out if you see them advertised at a venue near you.
Linda Little (The Mayfair Mall Zine)

Ready, set, let's go to a "straight up rock show"!
Ready, set, let's go to a "straight up rock show" with Blanco Diablo on Saturday night at Amos' Southend in Charlotte. Watch out, there's gonna be a "golden god" groove rampant with the roar of incendiary guitar. Indelibly influenced by heyday rockers from Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and T. Rex to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Who, Blanco Diablo includes Jamie Ray, guitar/vocals; Patrick Jason, bass/backing vocals; and Brad Snipes, drums/backing vocals. Together they are gearing up for a summer UK tour. "Fans there are salivating for American rock bands with a sound that is guitar-oriented," Ray said. "They're nostalgic for that original rock sound." The group has made about a half dozen UK tours. We keep returning and keep building on the following there and the support." "We want to make this our biggest show yet, headlining at the venue that's been our home base for the last three or four years," Ray continued, regarding the Amos' Southend show. "It's a kick-off show before we leave for the UK and a good opportunity to promote the rock community, to build on the support." Blanco Diablo brings along Steel Standing and 6 Second Silence Amos' Southend, 1423 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, on Saturday. Call the club at 704-377-6874 or go to amossouthend.com. For band details, visit blancodiablomusic.com or myspace.com/blancodiablo.
Debby Jet Jennings (The Herald (Night Sounds))

Killing Kings Review
BLANCO DIABLO Killing Kings Kingsdown Records 2009 www.blancodiablomusic.com Genre Hard rock / modern rock The Good "One Way Ride" recalls the decade of decadence with catchy riffs and lyrics and its overall 'love huts so good' attitude. Meaty riffage runs ruff-shot over "Best of Me." "Shake the Devil" is dominated by chugga-chugga guitars and high-pitched, but smooth vocals. The track is easily a concert anthem for sure. Despite the title suggesting a possible power ballad, "Last Goodbye" is a big f**k you to the end of a hostile relationship. The album's title track "Killing Kings" is lead by a chunky bass line that really makes the track thump. "It's Not Love" has a great cross-over appeal to it. The vocals are melodic, the riffs are hypnotic, and there's just enough rock punch to it. The Bad Nothing notable The Verdict I had my doubts going into this album, as a former writer crapped over Blanco Diablo's last album (and gave a plug to Firehouse for some reason). I pleased to say that the group shattered any pre-conceived notions I had about them. Killing Kings is perfect representation of rock music in the modern era. Blanco Diablo's latest can't be easily written off as some kind of niche music or flavor of the week. On Killing Kings the group does deliver a classic rock meets pop-metal sound that plays to your earlier rock tastes, but also throws in elements of what's big on mainstream radio today. Very impressive indeed. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 --George Dionne
George Dionne (Rock-is-life.com)

Blanco Diablo
"This power trio of straight-ahead rockers - Jamie Ray, guitar/vocals; Patrick Jason, bass/backing vocals; and Brad Snipes, drums/ backing vocals - take up arms against tyranny with relentless rock riffs, driving guitar punch and edgy harmony vocals."
Debby Jet Jennings (The Herald (Night Sounds))

Classic Rock Feature!

* Magazine article on the band and track "Best of Me" inlcuded on compilation disc. It's pretty simple. really. Blanco Diablo are long haired, loose limbed dudes from Carolina. They play raunchy rock'n'roll, drink cheap raunchy beer, and...well, their choice of women is their business, but they're most probably raunchy.
(Classic Rock Magazine (March 2009 issue 129))

Paper Poison Revolution Review
In keeping with the spirit of our best-of-summer issue, let me say that Blanco Diablo's new record reminds me of the summer of 1988. That summer, between my junior and senior years of high school, my record and cassette (remember those?) collection was filled with punk, 'college' music, and Pink Floyd. Hey, the Floyd went well with my bong. But the radio that accompanied my life away from home was another experience entirely. That summer had two basic things happening on the radio: good-time rap (Funky Cold Medina) and good-time rock (Pour Some Sugar on Me). Blanco Diablo is unapologetically, a hard rock band. Elements of FM radio stalwarts like Bad Co. and Deep Purple rub shoulders with full-on hair metal moments along the lines of Cinderella or Bon Jovi on 'Paper Poison Revolution'. You just don't hear anything like this anymore. This isn't some obscure metal sub-genre from Finland. This is old-school hard rock that could only grow in America. It's got your fist-pumping rhythms laid down by Jeff Nunnery on drums and Patrick Jason on bass. It's got riffs that make you want to make the devil horns and maybe even bang your head for a second. Author's note: No one old enough to remember the summer of '88 should bang his or her head for more than a second. You'll hurt your neck. These guys have serious chops and aren't afraid to make the big gesture instrumentally. Singer/Guitarist, Jamie Ray, adorns each song with a blistering solo, employing the entire bag of tricks, including whammy-bar acrobatics, two hand tapping, and even that thing where you scrape the pick along the strings. The songs are straight forward, lyrically. In the hair metal tradition, it includes the requisite sexual come-on song with the Hagar-like subtlety of lines like, 'I can't get enough. You've got to give until it feels good.' They've got your highway ramblin'. They've got the baby back home. They mention hell-hounds. They mention rolling stones. While some of the songs sound informed by early '90s grunge a la Alice in Chains or Candlebox, Ray mercifully sings in his own voice and doesn't do that post-Eddie Vedder impression of Fozzi Bear crossed with Scott Weiland that so many hard rock bands feel compelled to ape these days. It's refreshing to hear a band play the stuff they like to hear and not worry about what's gonna look cool or what cliques are going to say. Clearly, these guys made the record they always wanted to. Like the summer of 1988, Blanco Diablo doesn't make you think too hard but shows you a real good time. They'll be at The Visulite on June 3rd for Carmona's 'Rock Circus' party.
Kelly Morse (Amps 11 Magazine)

Paper Poison Revolution Review
These Charlotte-area rockers open each track with a blistering riff. But there's also some nice interplay going on here that's part-Prong and part-Faster Pussycat. The pared-down attack of guitars, bass and drums sounds bigger than the three-piece combo. The whole record rolls along full-steam ahead, slowing only on the last track, the epic "Stop the Bleeding," which starts out as a ballad and then booms.
Samir Shukla (Creative Loafing)

Blanco Diablo CD Release
The Charlotte trio - Jamie Ray (guitar, vox), Patrick Jason (bass, vox) and Jeff Nunnery (drums) -- celebrates the release of Paper Poison Revolution. The record is a finely tuned mix of latter-day Soundgarden and early Sabbath-riffage with a southern twist; metal and grunge filtered through Lynyrd Skynyrd's deep- fried memory. Ray's speed runs are tempered by a grasp of the blues, raising Blanco Diablo's songs above the throng. A strong debut that bodes well for their future.
John Schacht (Creative Loafing)

Blanco Diablo releases 'Revolution'
Within a week, Blanco Diablo has gone from dazzling a crowd, as guest opener for Firehouse last weekend, to hosting its CD release party tonight at Charlotte's Double Door Inn, 218 E. Independence Blvd. The group's debut CD, "Paper Poison Revolution," is a 12-song riffing revolution released Tuesday through Rock Ridge Music. The band, which is based in Charlotte, features Rock Hill's Jamie Ray on guitar and vocals; Patrick Jason on bass and vocals; and Jeff Nunnery on drums. Ray said the band and CD launch are part of an ambitious plan set in motion early in his life. "Playing guitar has always been important to me, especially all those years studying, practicing, even falling asleep with the guitar in my hands," Ray said. "Likewise, songwriting is important. There's strength in songs. They explore the path I've taken." That path is edgy, fierce melodic rock and roll, with a sassy Southern stance. The band's marketing targets an audience across the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee, hoping to ignite a fervent word-of-mouth following. "This is a band that stands up for rock and roll," Ray said. "We champion that sound and attitude in a current-day climate that doesn't necessarily advocate or support straight-forward rock." He describes the sound of Blanco Diablo as the "guitar-based, guitar-driven, in-your-face rock and roll" that he grew up listening to. He lists influences as Mark Bolin in T Rex, Thin Lizzy, John Sykes, Robert Johnson, Ted Nugent and "anybody with that rock 'n' roll blues edge." "Paper Poison Revolution" takes its name from the title track that "speaks to the evils of money. It's anti-greed," Ray said. "I enjoy being a good observer, as a writer and performer, sharing observations and insight," he said. "So, there's that ideal of rock and roll, and how the evils of money can corrupt." For details, call the club at (704) 376-1446. To get more on the band, go to www.blancodiablomusic.com and www.myspace.com/ blancodiablo. The band also performs at 5 p.m. Saturday at Charlotte's Manifest Discs & Tapes, 6239 South Blvd. For details, call (704) 552-8448.
Debby Jet Jennings (The Herald (Night Sounds))

ROCK | Blanco Diablo
Wow. Devoid of any production tricks, unnecessary frill or fuss, Charlotte-based power trio Blanco Diablo rock and rock damn hard. Lead singer and guitarist Jamie Ray, drummer Jeff Nunnery, and bassist Patrick Jason have kept busy touring the South this spring in support of a solid, brand-new debut album titled Paper Poison Revolution (Rock Ridge Music), a riff-riot, 12-song collection that lumbers and stomps at just the right pace (think Urge Overkill meets Sabbath and AC/DC's Young brothers at Billy Gibbons' Texas ranch). An amusing statement from their press kit: "They've got the sound, the look, the feel, gender appeal, ethnic appeal, curb appeal, excitement, apple pie, and even melancholy... hell, even your momma will think Blanco Diablo's music is so good that it's simply an affront to God." A serious statement from frontman Ray: "We don't adhere to any formulas. We trust our instincts and we take pride in cutting our own musical path." Local rock quartet Broadside singer John Prevost, guitarist Tim Ward, bassist Billy Sandler, and drummer Corey Limehouse celebrated the release of their self-titled debut EP last month. Yow.
T. Ballard Lesemann (Charleston City Paper)